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Lake Michigan - Milwaukee, WI Shipwreck Diving

Directions:  Take 151 east to Madison, then I94 to Milwaukee.  Stay on I-94 all the way to downtown and over the high bridge (you'll know it!) Take the National Street Exit and go east on National to the Lake...to Water Street.  Take a left (North) and go about a mile to a small sign on the right that says "Jerrys Dock!"


For complete information contact:

Pirates Cove Diving, Inc.
1103 West Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215
(414) 482 -1430 FAX: (414)-482-7280
CELL: (414) 588-6764

Max Depth:  140' Allowed

Avg Dive Depth: Variable

Visibility: 30'-40'

Dive Rating:  Easy to Advanced (See training note!)

Fees:  $80 per trip 2-dives

Hours: 8am Charter and 2pm Charter

If you are looking for some "way cool" ... world class diving, along with simplicity, and the convenience of a major city....then this is for you.

Milwaukee Shipwreck Diving!

The Len-Der and her sister ship the Reef Diver make diving the famous wrecks of Milwaukee very easy.  The most popular of these being the Prins Willem V (Prins Willie) a 250 foot Dutch Freighter with only 50 feet of water over the top or the wreck and 80 feet or so at the deepest. Other wrecks include the 906 Dredge, a crane barge that sunk upside down and held up at an angle with her boom, the Gillen Tug, the Norland Steamer, The Milwaukee, and quite a few more.  Depths can range from 30 - 140 feet.

The crew of the Len-Der are very good (and really nice folks) and have been running these charters for 20 years.  The Charters run most all weekends except for the winter with two charters a day.  You'll need to bring your own air tanks and can refill at Pirates Cove Diving which is also owned by Jerry Guyer, the owner of the the Len-Der and the Reef Diver.  Equipment Rental is available here at Seatasea and also Pirates Cove.  Plan on a 7mm wetsuit, hood and gloves or a dry suit.  We think dive computers are a must on all dives...but we really would recommend you having one for wreck diving due to the multi-levels of your dive.  A good dive light is a necessity in wreck diving.  We will also recommend the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty!

The boat dock is located just south of downtown Milwaukee and is an easy 5 hour drive from Cedar Rapids.  Lots of hotels are available along with plenty of other things to do if you are not diving. 

Seatasea chartered the Len-Der in August 2002 Read about our trip in the Dive Trip Review Section

Training Note: Lake Michigan is a deep lake, a "big" lake and a cold lake. Diving beyond your training and experience is dangerous.  Use caution and be a safe diver.  Always dive with a buddy. Learn the wreck before you dive. Know your equipment.  Plan your dive...dive your plan!