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Big Blue

 "Big Blue" (Lester Milligan Park)

Mason City, Iowa


Hours: 6a - 11p

Fees:  - None

Max Depth: 35'

Visibility 5 - 10

Dive Rating: Easy

Dive Flag not required

Directions:     Lester Milligan Park is located on South Pierce Avenue on the southwest side of Mason City.

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"Big Blue" is a small water filled clay pit popular with divers.  Access is easy, diving is easy,  but the visibility is  just ok, (but good for Iowa standards) and the water at 35' is warm.  A great "get wet" location and fun due to the number of divers you may meet on a weekend.  Mason City is only couple hour drive from Cedar Rapids and 4 lane all the way via the Avenue of the Saints so a day trip works out well.  Part of Lester Milligan Park, facilities include a shelter house with electricity, water and restrooms.  Also swimming and playground equipment for the kids.

The Diving    (Download Dive Map of Big Blue Here in .pdf  (requires Adobe Reader)

"Big Blue" is the east body of water of the two bodies that are located at Lester Milligan Park.  Diving access is on the south side of water where you will find parking and a beach.  Diving straight north from a tree stump on the south shore will take you to the platform and further on a sunken boat.  This is a very small body of water, but a comfortable dive location especially for beginners.  The biggest drawback is the visibility.  (Nothing new for any of us that are reading this!)