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SCUBA Equipment and Service

You have come to trust us at Seatasea with your Scuba equipment purchases and service, so please trust us on our recommendations for purchasing Scuba equipment and for having yours serviced.  We always made it a point to carry and sell only the top brands in the industry.  These are all global companies that are known for high quality, great performance and good customer service.  Don't just trust your life support equipment to any joe schmo in a stripmall.  Deal with the actual dealers that know what they are doing.  (all you have to do is contact them and mail your equipment..tell 'em that Seatasea sent you!)

AIR SERVICE (Air Fills, Hydro's, VIP's)

Hawkeye Fire & Safety, Cedar Rapids (and Iowa City)

AQUALUNG (Aqualung, Apeks, DeepSee, Aquasphere)




  • Halcyon (attn: Cory - Technical Services)

HENDERSON WETSUITS (Henderson, Neosport, Hyperflex)