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A customer of ours gave us the idea for this section.  The purpose is to give local divers, paddlers or sailors information on trips that they have taken.   We get lots, and lots of questions about  destinations from customers.  Which we answer with information that we get from others who have "been there" or what we can get from our travel agency.  First hand information about destinations is a big help to most of us, as we feel advertising is "advertising" and we may not get the entire scoop.

If you have taken a trip recently, and would like to share your trip with other divers, paddling or wind enthusiasts please simply e-mail your trip infomation to us in e-mail format or MS Word and we will add the page to our web.  You don't need your full name on it if you don't want...first names are just great.  Include as much information as you would like. 

Listed below is what we have so far.  It is not much...  but that is up to you.  So help out others by giving us some information to pass on!  Thanks to everyone who contributes.