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Thanksgiving in Cozumel 2008

"Thanksgiving in Cozumel 2008"  @ Scuba Club Guest Comments

OMG!  We had such a great time in Cozumel.  It was a wonderful experience and one which we are planning again soon.  Thanks for all you do through Seatasea and personally to make so many wonderful adventures happen for your customers.  We can't say enough good things about your shop and you guys indivudually.  Our lives have trully been enriched.  Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you and your family. 
Russ, Beth, Megan and Zachary


Hi, I'm ready to go back, I hate this cold weather.  Not too long before we head to Florida, so I'm trying to deal with it. 
We loved the Scuba Club Resort, all the employees were friendly and helpful.  Can't think of anything that I didn't like about the resort.  Francisco was an awesome divemaster, made all the dives very nice.  Food was good, liked the small size of the resort, easy to get around for everything.  We'd go back again for sure and stay there again. 
Happy Holidays, Linda and Steve

Hi Ken;
Here is the last parting shot with (snow) .Thank You for the very well Planned trip. (You did a GREAT Job!) The scc staff where,  an A+,  there to please us. I do like the way their tip setup was. They earned it! I can't think of anything neg about them. Eveything they did was well planned out.   Jeff

It was a great trip and I realized I still want to be in Cozumel, especially when I went to check the weather forecast on intellicast.com and it was still set on Cozumel, and promptly told me the temp is currently 83 degrees down there!
I have to get my slides developed, then digitally scan the good ones (if any) so my process will take a little longer but I'll get on it.
RE thoughts:
1) Rooms with screened windows or sliding doors on patio would be great-our room had a tiny patio with glass door only so we had to run the AC all night and it had only one setting: on all night. Very noisy, also not necessary since it got nice and cool each night and the island breeze would have been much preferred to noisy AC. (Couldn't leave door open due to mosquitoes)
2)The morning boats dives were great, but do they ever involve the passengers in the decision where to go? I for one would have liked to skip the pedestrian garden sites in favor of devils throat for example. I'm not complaining though I saw lots of big stuff overall.
3) Why did they always insist on 700 psi to start ascent? If because of the variability in air consumption I guess I understand, esp in drift conditions. In doing photo though it limits bottom time when we have to start coming up with everyone else, and I often had 1000+ psi left at the time
4) One thing that would be cool, since there were so many divemasters on the trip, in the afternoon after a decent surface interval maybe one of those guys each day would volunteer to lead a shore dive group or evening nite dive group. Then the group could have the option of another divemaster-led dive in addition to the boat dives. I think it's always better to dive that way since they tend to see/pick up on cool stuff that's great for us photo oriented divers
thanks for the solicited thoughts-they are simply that, not complaints

Ken & Danette, it was a lovely week (despite missing the flight from Dallas to CR Saturday evening - the only flight of the trip to leave on time).    As always a good group of people.  I would have like to have seen one more dive master on our boat.  Thanks for finding me such a nice roommate - boy does she love diving!!  Nice, nice young lady.  And, I really liked getting to know her parents. 

I loved the trip to the Cenotes - so different and lovely.  My extra shorty wet suit was perfect and I was comfortable through both dives.  I would really recommend this side trip.

I really liked Scuba Club, their boats were in excellent condition and all the staff were very good.  So convenient to walk to the end of the dock, get on a boat and go.  And convenient to walk into town.

Thanks for putting the trip together!!  Beth