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General Information - San Diego Diving from a local Diver

From Jim...

I've used two operators in San Diego, both operating out of Mission Bay,
Loisann and Blue Escape.  Both are competent and safe operations. 
My preference for San Diego dive locations:  1.  Coronados Islands (sea
lions).  2.  Kelp beds (requires good navigation skills).  3.  The wreck
of the El Rey (lots of sea life and good for photography).  The boats
also go to the wreck of the Yukon (365' destroyer lying at 90'), but viz
is only 15 -- 20 feet and it hasn't been down long enough to have much
sea life on it, though it is penetrable.  Personally, I think the Yukon
is overrated.
Both Blue Escape and Loisann have websites with their schedules.  Prices
are comparable and I think very reasonable.  You will need to take your cold
water wetsuit or a drysuit.  Water temps are in the mid-50's below the