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Diving Molokini

If you ever get to Maui, this is a dive spot you have to go to.  It is one of the most popular dive sites due to its 120 foot visibility and its wonderful sea creatures.  Molokini is a dormant volcano that blew one of its sides off letting the ocean in.  Now only a crescent moon shape island is left.  No matter what the rest of the dive conditions are like, this dive site is always good due to the shelter effect the island brings.  One tip of the island is referred to as the “shark condos”.  Many white tipped sharks and a few gray sharks call this home. One of the most exciting dives is a back wall drift.  If the sea conditions are reasonable the drift dive around the island is very exhilarating.  The bottom depth on this side of the island is 3000 feet and is a wonderful dark blue.  Inside the crater there is a sand channel that starts at about 55 feet and runs as deep as 90-100 feet.  This is were I encountered a small 7 foot ray and many other large species of fish.  As far as dive boats I would highly recommend B&B Charters out of Kihei.  The crew and captain are awesome as at dive planning and selecting the best spots for diving.  A word of caution, they leave dock at 5:45 AM.  The first time you go you will see why.  Not only is this dive site a favorite of the scuba divers but due to the visibility, it is a favorite of snorkelers as well.  It’s a going joke that you could walk on the backs of the snorkelers all the way to the island and not get your feet wet.  On average, by 10am there are 10-15 boats in the crater. I recommend B&B because they are one of only a hand full of boats that dive that early, therefore giving you the best diving possible.  As far as price, two tank dives range anywhere from $100.00 and up. Also I will put in a plug for Maui Dreams Dive Shop.  I have taken a few dive courses from them and they are very good.  They are a 5 Star Padi Shop and they definitely cater to there clients. There reputation of being the best on the island is well warranted.  In closing, this is a great dive site and I would highly recommend it.  MAHALO

M.  Hellman