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Diving Epcot Center

Diving Epcot was an experience I wasn’t prepared for.  I was originally planning a trip to one of the many grottos that are north of the Orlando, but due to my time limitations, Epcot became the place of choice.  Let me start out by saying that if you are looking for an inexpensive dive, Epcot ISN’T the place to go!  For a 45-50 min dive, it runs $140.  Now that I have given you sticker shock, on to the best part, THE DIVE. 

This dive was awesome.  You are met at the entrance to the park and given a “backstage” walk through.  They ask your sizes, request your C card and whisk you away to the back lot.  The staff gives you a tour of what the public sees as far as the tank, fish and such.  Then you are escorted to the locker room.  I can only truly describe the locker room with one word – Wow.  There are bags laid out with each one individually labeled with the diver’s name containing the appropriately sized wet suit and booties. 

After dressing we all meet back up for a short discussion about the ground rules (no touch, etc).  The divers are then paraded through the public viewing area while the staff begins clapping and yelling “fresh food for the fish” drawing attention to the neoprene clad adventurers.  The divers go up the center of a tube on the observation deck to the dive deck.  All of your gear is already laid out and ready to go; no wasted time here.  This truly is Disney Magic at its finest.  We reviewed the ground rules again then in the water we went.  We took a 10 min swim through the tank and then we were off to entertain the crowd on the observation deck and the restaurant.  Our group was able to take one of the longest dives the offer – the full 50 mins.  We went back through the observation deck (a tad bit wetter), smiling and doing the happy Disney thing towards the locker room.

We showered using shampoo, soap and towels provided courtesy of Mickey Mouse.  Our group then went to a viewing area where non-diver family members could join us for a presentation of the video they shot during our dive.  You can purchase this video for a $30 price tag.  It’s kind of a cool memento if you have the extra cash.

In a nutshell, for the $140 Disney Diving Experience, each diver is provided with all necessary gear, locker room facilities and amenities, certificate of the dive with his/her name on it, a t-shirt and of course, for your dive logs, a Mickey Mouse stamp. 

Once you are all done with the dive stuff, you are allowed to roam the Epcot center, but fair warning, while I was there most areas closed at 7 pm which was the time I got done with the 4pm dive.  Hours may vary with seasons so you may want to check that out as well.

If you ever get to Orlando, Florida and want a once in a life time experience, DIVE EPCOT!!!