Location: Southside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the west side of I-380, 2 miles south of Hawkeye Downs

Founded in 2000, Seatasea Watersports Center is a full-service sports center that offers equipment, courses, and trips for a low nature impact water sports. Visit our store and check out the great selection that we have.


  • Buy a Kayak or SUP
  • Paddling Equipment
  • Equipment Rental
  • Scuba Equipment & Scuba Gear Service
  • Swimming and Triathlon equipment
  • Triathlon Wetsuit Rental


  • Scuba Diving beginners course
  • Scuba Diving advanced course
  • Kayaking course
  • Other courses: Medic First Aid and Divers Alert Network Courses

Seatasea Watersports Center is a proud sponsor and member of:

  • PADI Retail and Resort Association
  • Dive Industry Association
  • University of Iowa Scuba Club
  • Iowa HEAT Sports Club
  • Midwest Extreme Triathlon Club