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The Hawkeye Scuba Club

The Hawkeye Scuba Club has been around Cedar Rapids for 50 years and continues on today as a great way for divers to hang out with other divers and talk about...ah..well...DIVING!

Also to do some diving! 

The club is pretty informal, focused on recreational diving and is lead by Steve and Jan Thompson.  Steve is a YMCA Scuba Instructor (ret) and Jan is his #1 dive buddy! 

The club meets the second Thursday night of each month for some kind of activity.  Maybe a few drinks at a local restaurant, or the annual banquet/photo contest in January.   From May - August the club tries to dive in the local area and also tries to plan some bigger trips depending on club member interest.

Club dues are $20 per year for a Adult Diver or Junior Diver (under 18 years old) and $5 per year non-diver. (Associate Member)

If your a diver in the Cedar Rapids/IC Area and want to hang out with other divers and maybe get some dives in during the summer with a group.  You need to check out the Hawkeye Scuba Club and join up with us.

For Club Meeting dates check out our calendar or below!

For more information feel free to email us at Seatasea

Join the club HERE- Download Club Membership Application

Join the Club HERE- On-Line through the Seatasea Registration Site

We hope to see you at a meeting!  (Or even under the water!)


Club Calendar

(so far!  This is kind of a relaxed organization here!  The meeting-meeting is the second thursday of each month, the place will be announced prior to each meeting) You can check here, or just go ahead and join!  You'll get the email notification.

Monthly Meeting:  The Scuba Club meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 6pm at different restaurants around Cedar Rapids.  Sometimes there is a program, sometimes not.  Either way, a great night to get together with local Divers.  
 See our calendar for monthly location along with meeting presentations, topics and our summer dives.