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Seatasea Watersports only offers the absolute best swim-fitness and Triathlon Swim equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the world.  It is a Seatasea policy to only carry high quality products backed by the best manufacturer warranties and service available.  Seatasea guarantees the quality performance of all of the products we sell with a Seatasea guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

 Check out these sites for more information.


  • EAGLERAY SPORTS - Wetsuits and triathlon equipment
  • ZOOT SPORTS - Triathlon Wetsuits, Luggage and accessories
  • NS - NEOSPORT TRI - Our value line of quality Triathlon Wetsuits
  • DOC'S PROPLUGS - Vented Ear Plugs for Scuba Diving and other watersports - Doc's Fit Chart in .pdf
  • AQUASPHERE -  The ultimate swim gear for the fitness and recreational swimmer. 
  • SPEEDO - Swimsuits and swim gear
  • TYR - (pronounced "Tear") Swimsuits and swim gear
  • FINIS -  Swimsuits, Swimmers Snorkels, Zoomer's Fitness fins, Lane 4
  • MCNETT  - Care products for your wetsuits and swim gear
  • Nike Swim - Swimsuits and swim accessories