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Beginning Kayaking Course

Seatasea is pleased to offer the only Kayaking instruction that we know of in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.  Even if you may know a few things about paddling we're confident that you'll have a much better paddling experience, with help from Seatasea's professional paddling instructors.  

This course is only available in a private lesson format.  We can accomodate up to 8 students.  Dates, times and location are determined by you and your group and our instructional staff.

Our course is based on the ACA Intro to Kayaking Course.  This is a flat water kayaking course.  We do not offer Whitewater kayaking  instruction or advanced kayaking maneuvers such as Eskimo Rolls.  In this course you'll learn about kayaks, accessories and safety equipment, basic strokes, self-rescue techniques and how to be a safer paddler.  Our paddling instructors will give you valuable feedback on your techniques. You'll also have plenty of time during the 3 - 4-hour lesson to practice what you've learned. Our goal is to make the whole experience fun and easy.  If you wish to keep the boat for the rest day, you can, however you will be responsible for bringing it back to the shop the next day.


Your course includes the use of one of our kayaks, a paddle and PFD.   You'll need appropriate clothing for the weather and water conditions as well as footwear that can get wet, a beach towel and something to eat for lunch. You may also wish to bring bottled water or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.  If you have your own kayak we recommend using your own. 


Locations are up to the attendiee (s).  In most cases Lake McBride and Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area are the prefered choice.  (The DNR has a fee for group events though and these are payable by the attendees)  Praire Park Fishery is another choice and there is no fee for the use of this park.  


The cost for a lesson is $125 for one person and for 2 more more people it is $75 per person up to a maximum of 8 people.

You can select select dates and times that will coordinate with our instructors schedule.  Normally weeknights starting at 5.  We prefer not to do any courses on weekends, however this can be discussed.

If you need any additional information or want to schedule a course, please contact us.